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Ulrike Götz

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New app expands Comlink’s cloud solution for gates

The Swedish company Comlink has worked closely with the industry to develop a turn-key system to connect all types of gates, doors, bollards and barriers to the cloud. The system is market leading in Scandinavia and is now being launched for a wider audience in Germany. The solution consists of a small connectivity device connected to the gate automation, together with a web portal and a mobile app. It allows gate manufacturers to securely upgrade their existing product range with the latest technology, without major investments or long development processes.

“Comlink’s solution enables service technicians to carry out convenient remote troubleshooting so they can more quickly help the customer”, says Johan Borg, CEO and co-founder of Comlink AB. “For example, the technician can easily see if the gate is open, if the safety edge has been affected, if the power is out, examine the event log, and more. This minimizes unnecessary call-outs while providing gate owners with better service.”

The system is compatible with virtually all gate and door automation systems on the market, both new and old, making it possible to monitor and manage all installations in a single system.


Increased control direct from your phone with new app

GSM openers are already built into the system, with flexible customization of user permissions. The built-in annual timer makes it easy to schedule when the gate should be open, or to add rules for weekends and holidays in advance. All conveniently configured via the web portal.


The new mobile app supplements and reinforces the current functionality for access control already offered by the system. Now you can even open the gate with the mobile app, securely monitor gate status in real time and have customized alarms – directly from your smartphone.


“Our focus is to contribute to a stronger relationship between the manufacturer and the gate owner”, says Anders Österlin, Marketing Manager at Comlink AB. “For gate manufacturers to be able to offer their ‘own’ security system increases their customers’ confidence in them even further. Gate manufacturers currently using the system have even told us how their sales people find it more enjoyable to sell perimeter protection with their own cloud solution. It gives them clear added value for their customers, leading to increased sales of both new gates and new service agreements.”


The system also automates service sales

Many service agreements today base the service interval on a fixed number of months, despite the fact that much of the planned maintenance is based on the number of cycles – in other words, the number of times the gate has opened and closed. Comlink’s system automatically works out when the gate needs service, based on both the desired service interval in months and how much the gate has actually been used.


“A modern car automatically tells you when it’s time for it to be serviced, based on the date and how far it’s traveled. Comlink makes it just as simple for the gate supplier to plan maintenance, with the gate automatically announcing when it needs servicing, depending on how it’s been used”, says Johan Borg.

Comlink AB are experts in connected technology and have been developing their own hardware and software since 1999. The company offers comprehensive solutions for service & maintenance, access control, and real-time monitoring & alerts. The system has been specifically developed for the gate industry, with more than 100,000 users across the world.



Comlink AB, SE-434 37 Kungsbacka

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